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A website is an essential component for a business, much like a sign-board or a business card. A good website can be a brand ambassator and a critical channel for public perception, lead generation and customer loyalty. A good website provides information about the business and creates a positive impression for the reader, leading to better engagement and potentially rewarding business.

Websites need to be mobile responsive as most customers are likely to view your website when they are on their phones travelling or waiting. Many of them will also be viewing them on home and office computers. Websites that can be viewed on all devices and displays are available for customers when they need them. Creating mobile responsive websites needs coding to be done suitably and testing on different devices and browsers.

A good website has an optimum volume of content and enough visuals to look good and be easy to view. The layout of the website needs to be in tune with the business and target audience. Adding video and audio to the website makes it more engaging and interesting. Providing documents for download such as technical specifications, product brochures and manuals help make the website more useful.

Websites should have detailed profiles about the brand and locations of offices, stores and retailers. A list of products and services with information on each of them make the website self-contained on information for customers. Information on the product features and benefits, quality processes, organization and facilities help create confidence in customers about the products and services of the company.

Websites need to be engaging, useful and interesting for people to spend time in reading them. Attention spans are short and engaging content can help create stickiness and motivate customers to read deeper and more extensively.

Good visuals attract and retain interest. Visuals about the products help customers visualize them but photographs about interesting themes also have appeal and present well. Content needs to be written for the audience with language that is simple to read and can be understood comprehensively. A good website makes it easier for customers to get the information on their own and saves time in queries and interaction with sales support and customer service teams.

Websites can be very sophisticated and have many features. They can be rich on user experience and feature many interesting capabilities that keep customers engaged and interesting. Websites can create positive perceptions for customers about their brands and nurture loyalty.

Indiamap Consulting has vast experience in websites of various formats, sizes and themes. We have a team with specialists in marketing, content, communications, design and technology and the team works collaboratively to create websites that meet the business and marketing needs of brands. We bring in the right technology, content and interaction for websites to be comprehensive and useful for customers. We work with leading technology platforms to create mobile responsive, search engine friendly and customer appealing websites.