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Technology is the base on which digital transformation can be achieved. Technology has many forms and levels of implementation. Websites, Ecommerce, Apps, Software Platforms, Databases, Analytics, Virtual Reality, Animation and Gaming are some of the different technologies that can help create digital transformation.

The foundation of digital are the Internet and World Wide Web over which many technologies, products, platforms and web properties are built. The internet works on digital infrastructure comprising of servers, networking and communications, housed in secure, redundant, robust, reliable and high performance facilities equipped with reliable power and telecommunications.

Software powers the digital world and with these come user interfaces, logic processing, computation, artificial intelligence, database management and communications. Software come across in various forms including websites, applications, apps on phones, software on computers, modules and components on servers.

The user experience is key in digital and for this we have rich interfaces equipped with images, colors, designs and layouts, video and audio media, animations and virtual reality. All of these together create navigation and interfaces for users to browse information, carry out tasks and experience entertainment and networking.

Algorithms, mathematics, logic and software couple with databases, media, documents and files to create a strong repository of data that can be mined, searched, sliced and analyzed for patterns, insights and exceptions.

All of these technologies are essential for a success digital transformation. Indiamap Consulting has a team of passionate and experienced specialists in the various technologies that are used to create a robust, reliable and flexible digital environment for organizations and brands.

Our teams are constantly researching, learning, communicating, developing, experimenting, innovating and testing to find new ways to create user experiences, new solutions for business, creative ideas for brands and novel features for customers. Our team works with the other teams specialising in brands, marketing, communications, design and data sciences to formulate and implement comprehensive solutions for our customers.