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Social media provides channels for engagement and lead generation. Most of the world's digital population is on social media, using a range of different platforms for their content consumption and networking.

Popular social media platforms globally are
Social media is used by people across social, economic and cultural segments without barriers of language, country and time zone. People spend most of their time on social media outside of messaging and communication. Most interactiion and use of social media platforms is on the mobile device. Social media has created a parallel world wide web in its own way and competes with websites for customer time and attention.

Any brand and business needs to include social media in their digital transformation strategy as their customers are likely already present in these platforms and are more easily accessible. Websites can be integrated with social media strategy so that messaging and engagement on social media directs customers to specific landing pages or web pages in the brand's website or blog. Social media can be complementary to the overall brand digital exercise of creating content, websites, blogs and ecommerce stores.

Social media is technically easy to manage and can be done by users with apps on their phones or computers. The key elements of good social media strategy for brands is in the ideas, timing, creative and delivery of content to the following that has been built on the social media platforms. Maintaining the community and growing their numbers are critical to the expansion in brand reach, better engagement and increase in footfalls and leads.

Social media is also the destination on the web for customer feedback, conversations and market trends. Many of the conversations around brands can be analyzed and these provide valuable insights into how consumers perceive their brands and respond to campaigns. Social media responses are also important in addressing customer dissatisfaction and negative reviews.

Social media management is a lot of marketing and communication with some technology to work on. There are areas of technology that can be used to enhance the brand's social media programme including creating apps, games, events and features on the social media platforms. Analytics and their integration into a brand's digital marketing programme also helps build a more comprehensive digital transformation programme.

Indiamap Consulting can bring together a team of social media specialists to formulate a strategy for your brand's digital transformation. Regular creation of content, response to social media posts and expanding the reach of the social media properties are key areas that our team can work on. Aligning the social media programme with campaigns, events and product launches can multiply the benefits of social media for a brand. Many brands have dedicated social media teams to manage all their social media engagement and communities that they have fostered and grown over years, who are an asset for the brand. Brands like Apple and Nike have large communities of followers who form a captive audience for the brands. These communities have been created over years with a well coordinated and comprehensive programme guided by a well defined strategy.