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An Ecommerce store creates a new digital channel for your brand, products and services. Direct returns on investment from an online store are the sales that reach your team directly. Ecommerce stores are also a channel for customers to browse and get to know about your products and services and engage wit your brand. Data shows that store footfalls and conversions are positively enhanced by Ecommerce stores.

Ecommerce stores are required for consumer and B2B brands. People are getting increasingly used to working through smartphones and personal preferences are also becoming desired faciities at the workplace. Customer preferences are moving away from telephone and personal interactions to self-service, browsing and decisions, and online payments. Businesses that can provide product catalogues and online ordering for their business and industrial customers will be preferred vendors for their customers.

Ecommerce ordering saves time for brand sales teams and order management processes. Orders come in directly in the format that they are needed. Payments are done online and integrated so accounting is also updated. Orders only need to be evaluated by the sales team and prepared for delivery. Ecommerce stores help customers and businesses and translate to increased sales for brands.

Typical sections and information in an Ecommerce store include

Ecommerce Stores provide a captive audience for promotions and deals, related products, recommendations and customer engagement. Product information with photographs, usage details, application suggestions, videos and reviews enable customers to evaluate products better and make instant purchase decisions.

Ecommerce Stores are quicker and less expensive to set up and are available 24 x 7 from all locations. Ecommerce stores need content and information that are normally not provided in physical stores. Specialized agencies and expertise can help make stores attractive and generate sales.

Indiamap Consulting has experience of several years in Ecommerce. We have worked with several brands and B2B businesses in creating and managing Ecommerce stores with growing sales. Our team has expertise in these areas that blend in for successful Ecommerce programmes

Indiamap Consulting teams include professionals with specialized expertise and knowledge of business and Ecommerce. We bring together processes, expertise and technologies that help our customers build and manage Ecommerce businesses profitably and efficiently. We automate processes, integrate analytics and manage data for improved productivity and quality. Our infrastructure and technology management deliver high performance Ecommerce platforms and stores that provide delightful user experiences. We work closely with our customers in setting up and smoothening processes and performance standards for better customer experience and loyalty. Our expertise in complete Digital Transformation enables us to integrate Ecommece into the programme for higher returns and advantages.