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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is a structured programme that progressively moves your organization into higher levels of digital engagement and utilization. Digital tranformation evolves into a holistic progression of your organization and business into one that thinks digital and works in digital, improving productivity, customer delight and business growth.

Digital Transformation is a necessity for every organization. People worldwide have now become conversant and comfortable with computing and mobile devices to an extent that almost all their work and interaction is becoming digital. Translating this capability into organizations can enable brands and businesses to endear themselves to customers and build loyalty and higher sales. Customers are increasingly expecting their brands and vendors to provide more information, transactions and capabilities online which they can work on directly.

Businesses and brands worldwide have been slower in adoption of digital technologies and their use for improved productivity, efficiencies, agility and decision making. Businesses and brands have higher levels of complexities of products and decision making than individuals but they also have a strong reason now to integrate technology and digital processes into their operations. Competition is increasing and startups are entering new business areas and creating disruptions. Startups bring technology expertise and build their businesses on the core foundation of digital enabling. This enables them to create more efficient, customer friendly and agile processes and move more rapidly into growth and customer engagement.

Digital transformation requires that every individual and operating team in organizations thinks Digital First and designs operations, processes and teams on this premise. Brands should work on their digital interfaces first and then work on creating physical locations as digital is the first point of contact with customers who create perceptions about their brands based on their online experiences and interactions.

Key components of Digital Transformation for brands includes

There are definite and excellent advantages and benefits for brands that go digital. There may be short term investments and difficulties in the process of change and disruption. Digital Transformation will however prepare brands and businesses for the future that is increasingly digital. Brands will be better equipped to attract customers, grow communities and build moats for themselves against competition.

In this Digital Transformation period, Indiamap Consulting's team works closely with customers through the processes of strategy, design, planning, implementation, measurement, correction and further improvement. Our team includes specialists from technology, marketing, business, communications, design, content and retail, who together can formulate programmes, solutions and digital assets that help customers become more digital and competitive.