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Digital Brand Strategy

A comprehensive digital brand strategy makes your digital marketing, lead generation and customer engagement more holistic and robust, and delivers better returns on your investment.

Indiamap Consulting works with your teams to identify key elements of your brand strategy and formulate a structured programme over eight quarters to move your brand into a leadership position in the digital medium.

Digital is where the world spends most of its time. Over the past decade we have seen a seismic shift from the real-world to the small devices - the phones and tablets that we are frequently working with. Your customers are more likely to find and follow you with your presence on the digital medium than in real-world campaigns. To cut through the clutter and make your presence felt, digital offers some of the most appealing ways to attract and engage your audience.

The convergence of multimedia with sounds, video, animation and graphics, with software, artificial intelligence, data science and business processes, enables you to create user experiences that guide users through a range of enticing content through your brand persona, products and services, all the way to a deal and click to action. Your websites, blogs, content, social media presence and campaigns all play a role in this journey that the customer makes through your product range and brand stories.

A digital brand strategy needs to be comprehensive and well designed for impact. The strategy should encompass the various media, platforms and technology options that we can use to attract and win over viewers into becoming consumers of content and then buyers of your products and services.

Various aspects of your digital brand strategy will include

There are a plethora of technologies, platforms, methods and channels to reach customer audiences, attract them with a message, draw them into the brand's content and turn them into followers and customers.

Our years of experience, our multi-discplinary team and our deep insights into customer behaviour, digital marketing, content consumption and online purchasing, powers us to work out strategies and implement the steps of a structured programme for our customers. Our in-house capabilities along with our access to talent and specialized expertise enables us to conceptualize and execute sophisticated digital brand programmes.

Indiamap Consulting can conceptualize and formulate a strategy to take your brand to your audiences across various channels and create a unique brand expeience that will bring them to your website and store. We can work with you on data analytics, find insights and use these to create personalized experiences for your customers. Our AI and apps capabilities can help you create ways to engage customers and keep them loyal to your brand. Our technology expertise can be used to integrate customer facing interfaces and campaigns with your operating processes and applications.

Indiamap Consulting can assign a team to manage your digital brand strategy. We can also outsource the complete operation of the digital brand engagement programme to a dedicated team that will work on these for your brand.