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Content is key in digital marketing and communication. Content has various formats and styles, each for a specific purpose and audience. Content is a powerful way to create and narrate stories that build brand awareness and enagement.

Content in the digital medium can use a wide range of formats and styles

Content needs to be created and managed with a strategy. Content must be relevant to the brand, connected with the key messages, integrated with the different digital assets and platforms, and updated regularly to stay in step with the current market demands.

Content must be directed to the audience in the language, channel, platform and style of their choice. Content needs to be interesting, engaging and useful to be consumed. Entertainment is just one aspect of the content. Content must reflect the brand personality and create a story that the user can connect to and engage with. If content involves some participation for the user, this increases their engagement and attention span.

Content creation must be blended with creativity, spontaneity, planning and quality delivery. This will enable the content to stand out, be engaging and motivate the user to share. Content that is shared expands brand reach and creates a stronger impact than those that are limited to the reader.

Consumers now consume content on a wide range of devices and displays with the mobile phone being the preferred. Content with visuals and video have a larger appeal. In detailed subjects content that is elaborate with text and images have a draw for serious readers. For content consumption during activities such as driving, housework or exercise, audio is preferred. Content that can be presented and provided in multiple formats has larger consumption and recall. Content should be designed for multiple devices, displays and formats to have better coverage and recollection.

Content must be strategically woven into the storyline with the customer as a participant. Trials, demos, events, subscriptions, conversations, feedback and purchases are all ways by which the customer can participate in the story. If conceptualized well and executed with high quality of content and delivery, good content can help bring in new customers into the brand community and build loyalty and increased consumptiion.

Content is important for social media and search engines. Each of these uses have different requirements and specifications for the content and need to be created appropriately.

Indiamap Consulting can create a strategy for content, plan the creation and testing of the content and its publishing across different channels. Our teams can be involved in the ideation, planning, scheduling, creation and production of the content. We can coordinate the creation and publishing of content for different requirements including social media, SEO, websites, blogs, publishing and campaigns. Our content production team can prepare the content for different formats and channels including social media, publshing, websites and apps.

All content does not need to be created afresh. Content can be licensed and used with permission. Creatively using third-party content with permission can be an effective way to increase brand reach while saving the significant time and effort in creation and production processes. Providing channels for user generated content can be another way for a content strategy to be applied using content that is created by the users and customers themselves.

While creating content it is important to look at ways that customers can be motivated to share the content with their friends and coworkers. This increases the spread of the content and reaches new audiences while increasing credibility and value.

Analytics plays an important role in content publishing and marketing. Knowing the number of times content has been consumed, audience profile, feedback, responses, shares and spread of the content is vital in measuring performance and identifying areas for improvement and enhancement of the content.

A good content creation and production process can multiply the effectiveness of your digital brand strategy and deliver better returns. Content needs to be at the core of the strategy, planning and implementation of a digital transformation programme.