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Campaigns enable brands to reach new customers and generate new leads and engagement. Campaigns bring more people into the community for the brand and create positive brand perceptions. Campaigns also engage current customers, build loyalty and expand sales.

Campaigns need to be created well for them to be effective. There are a very large number of campaigns in operation on the internet and users see many of these at the same time. Users also have formed a habit of ignoring campaigns and not paying attention to them. A campaign that is planned, designed and implemented well can stand out, attract the right audience and deliver the desired results.

These are some of the stages of a typical campaign

Campaigns can be various types, transcending multiple channels of communication and working with different messages and frequencies. Campaigns can be digital or mixed with real-world messaging. A combination of these can give the brand better results as they draw customers into a story that is enacted for them and make them participants in the story.

Typical ways to attract the users and communicate key messages in campaigns include

A coordinated campaign delivers better results than a fragmented one. To coordinate a campaign a comprehensive strategy is necessary. The strategy should detail the objectives of the campaign, the target audience and regional spread of the campaign, the methods used to communicate key messages, the key messages which will be used and amplified during the campaign, the time duration and frequency of the campaign, the calls to action and the ways to manage responses.

The strategy is then detailed further in the design of the messages, the types of responses that we expect from the customer, ways to handle the responses and the analytics that are needed to support the campaign monitoring team who will be looking at the data and refining the campaign progressively.

Digital campaigns can have a high level of data collection and analytics that give detailed understanding of the progress and response to the campaigns. Technology plays a critical role in the implementation and management of the campaign.

Indiamap Consulting can conceptualize, plan and implement a comprehensive campaign for you in the digital medium. We can coordinate with other teams and agencies for real-world campaign implementation. Our team can formulate the strategy for the campaign with the brand teams, prepare the messages and creatives for the campaign, build the technology interfaces and assets that will be used in the campaign and prepare the analytics that will be required during the operation of the campaign. Our team can also work with IT teams on any integration needed with the operating systems and software of the company.

Indiamap Consulting's expertise and breadth of capability enable us to create comprehensive campaigns for our customers. We bring in a team of specialists, each with vast experienice in their specializations and collaborate using technology for well-formed campaign strategy, design and implementation. We will be able to form a team to completely manage and operate ongoing campaigns and marketing for customer brands and products.