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Blogs are a means to stay engaged, publish content and keep your customers and partners updated about your business, products and services. Blogs help to create thought leadership and build positive perceptions about your brands.

A blog is a useful way for a business to publish news, updates, developments and announcements. They keep customers updated on the progress of the brands that they follow and consume. They are also helpful to update customers about specific features, new technologies, product launches and service enhancements. Blogs need to be planned well and nurtured with regular updates. A systematic process is needed for regularly updated blogs. Blogs are the voice of a business / brand and need to be edited and monitored by senior members so that the right communications are being provided on the blogs.

Blogs are like websites and can be updated by people without the need for much technical skills. Content management and blog management platforms provide easy to use tools. There are also some apps available to update and manage blogs. All of these help companies to keep their customers and audiences engaged and updated about their brands and products and foster loyalty and community growth.

Blogs are best done by members of the brand team who are aware of developments and have access to other members of the organization. Blogs can also be based on themes that the brand is connected with or supports such as new technologies, social causes, celebrities, government policies and others. These can be created and managed by a digital marketing team or agency and also by third party writers.

The frequency of update of blogs depends on the business and brand and also on the developments and launches that are taking place. It is not necessary for the blog to be updated often but good engagement and continuous visibility and interest can come from regular updates.

Indiamap Consulting can assign a regular schedule to create new ideas and thoughts for blog updates. We can coordinate with brand marketing teams for information and we can also bring in expert content writers to write the blog posts to suit audience interests.

Analytics help digital marketing managers to understand the spread and impact of their blog posts on the audience. Based on these, further promotion and engagement can be scheduled to help the brand reach further and grow leads and sales.

Blogs allow comments to be written by readers and these can be very helpful to know the pulse of the market and what readers and customers think about your brand, products and specfiic features.

Responding to these customer comments can help a brand be better connected and address problems before they spread through social media. Inappropriate comments also need to be moderated and removed from public display. Blogs need to be monitored and updated regularly. While there are software tools that can do these, human written responses and analytics are essential for the success of a brand.

Indiamap Consulting can institute a blog management module as part of the website and digital brand strategy for customers. We can assign a team to manage the blog and provide updates of the blog's contribution to improved customer engagement, leads and loyalties.