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Data Science and Analytics are at the heart of Digital. Good data architecture, strategy and implementation are essential for the success of a digital tranformation programme.

Digital enables recording, tracking and analysis of data in a myriad of ways. Our team works with customers to create data repositories that can be analyzed and researched for rich insights into customer preferences, satisfaction and opportunities.

A good data and analytics programme integrated into the digital transformation strategy can multiply the returns that you get from your digital investments. Sales can be grown, profitability enhanced and customer loyalty improved through the effective collection and use of data.

As they say data is the new oil. Data science tries to make sense of the large volumes of data and creates actions that can improve performance, quality and customer satisfaction.

Indiamap Consulting team of experts includes professionals with experience in these critical areas for Analytics

Our team will work with you on the metrics that you need to look at sales and marketing performance, customer satisfaction, customer engagement, SEO and social media progress, campaign performance and margin realization among several others that you may find strategically useful for your organization.

The analytics that we provide can enable you to visualize and take decisions for your business including

Indiamap Consulting team will work with your decision makers and function heads and update them on the ways that metrics and analytics can help your business and brands in their growth and contributions. We will look at ways that we can understand your customers and their requriements and tailor products and services to meet these needs. We will work with your IT team and audit your existing software, processes and databases and recommend areas that they can be improved and acted on. Our team can also run reports on your curent databases and generate patterns and insights that can power your decision making.

Each engagement is custom designed for your business and industry and is created for your specific strategic goals and initiatives. We also assign teams to create and implement the required technologies, platforms, algorithms and databases and integrate these as are required for your business. We can also take on the data science and analytics area as an outsourced operation with a dedicated team that will work alongside your organization and provide you reports and analysis to support your decision making and provide feedback on changes in markets, pricing and product offerings.